Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dual Burst Generator

Two CGS Burst Generators behind one panel.
These reply to a trigger input pulse - with a rotary switch selectable string of from one-to-nine pulses out, great for short percussive bursts There's a choice between the adjustable internal clock or an external one, or they can be cascaded together.

Bench Power

I built a small rig for supporting and powering a few modules on the bench. Its pretty simple and can supply +/- 15 volts at 350 mA. Perfect for testing and tweaking. [as always, click image for enlarged view]


I started work on my synth cabinet this weekend. The oak is over 100 years old and came from some church pews (from the church where my parents were married). Luckily my father was on hand to help with the word working. Cheers, dad!

Slow but Steady

Despite my lack of any recent posts, things have been progressing steadily.
I've made many front panels (about 15) and have been slowly populating pcbs. So far I've completed about 5 modules.